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Useful Links
British Association of Behavivoural Optometrists, founded by Keith Holland, the main body for training and accreditation of Behavioural Optometrists in UK.
Main organisation in USA to train and certify American Behavioural Optometrists, with much information on how vision affects learning.
American organisation, founded by parents whose children had been helped by Vision Therapy, to inform and help others.
Presentations on Behavioural Optometry.
Australian Behavioural Optometry organisation with very approachable explanations and links.
Excellent American Vision related blog, covering many subjects and regularly updated.
Main UK site for dyslexia support.
Main UK site for dyspraxia support.
Easily-tied laces for dyspraxic youngsters and sports people, designed by an Optometrist.

Keith Holland's well-received TedX talk about vision and learning.

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